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Chain of Inspiration

by Dianna Burrup

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Change 03:38
CHANGE There’s a tug-a-war going on inside, there’s a lot of rules I should abide. They hold me down and won’t let go. They remind me when to hide and show. Yeah, there’s a tug-a-war goin’ on inside. I’m gonna make some changes in my life. Ignore those voices on the judgement side. I’m gonna turn around when they wanna go straight. I’m gonna step right up when they’re afraid. Yeah, I’m gonna make some changes in my life. Stand in the silence and take a bow. The stage is all ours anyhow. The music plays and the dance goes on. Just step right in, feel your way, you can’t go wrong. Everybody’s gotta change sometime. I’m gonna feel new ways I never felt before. And I swear I plan to never be bored. I’m gonna meet new people in the flow. Gonna open doors and let the chaos go. Yeah, I’m gonna open up those doors and let the chaos go. Change the way we’re thinkin’, change the way were actin’, change what we’re believin’, for a little peace in our hearts.‘Cause it’s all made up you know. Come on let’s change it, change it, change it to somethin’ real good. Somethin’ real good.
CHAIN OF INSPIRATION Saying goodbye to an old life. How it has served me well. All new understandings of the same ‘ole things. Wonder what new stories they will tell. Well I slid on around to the other side. And the view from where I’m standin’ reveals the darkness where I once stood. Where now the light sure can dance So raise up our heads to the sky; feel it, the sun in our eyes. Walk on like you know where you’re going. And live like you love it, sing what you’re living Well, you know we’re walking’ with; And you know we’re talkin’ with the people that we need to help us move into the light; We gotta stop and feel. Then we gotta move and feel the rhythm flowing through the thread connecting all our lives So raise up our heads to the sky, feel it, the sun in our eyes. Walk on, like you know where you’re going. And live like you love it, sing what you’re living, love while your giving, just find your voice, ‘cause every voice that finds its way out, is the fuel that sparks the chain. The chain of inspiration
Story 04:42
STORY The night fell right away in my arms, didn’t have much to say about it. Daylight came and still it weighed me down. Must’ve been my thoughts, yeah, always thinkin’. Always thinkin’ Words fly through the forest trying to find a place to land – speaking of good things to come. Listen to all the conversations – could’ve been me, could’ve been you, it was all happenin’ to Heavy hearts will draw in darkness, tall tales speak all the time. Narrow paths will keep me focussed, on talking oh so fine. Oh so fine, all the time. But it was just another story, just another story passin’ thru Just another story, just another story
Free 04:25
FREE I’ve been roamin’ around in my mind, for a day or two. And I sure like spending more time, wanderin’ around somewhere new. Memories of the way it all was, fall like silk around my feet. And all that passed between our hearts was everything it seemed, everything it seemed Chorus: A stranger came and went today, left a word or two on my lips. Can’t know what it all means just yet, but all will be revealed. All will be revealed. She said, “Fret no more, cast no stone – in ways that make your heartache”; It’s criminal the way we treat ourselves and we’re free ... yes, we’re free Feel the rain, it’s fallin’ down. The strangers’ message is all around. Walking alone in the masses we feel the others, and still we wonder, why we’re all alone. We feel so all alone I’ve been roamin’ around in my mind, for a day or two
Stand 03:55
STAND Here I stand, in the shadows of my past. Here I stand, in the love of those around me, yeah. In the goodness of mankind. In the hatred of the heart. In the sorrows of the earth. In the freedom of forgiveness. In the solitude of silence. In the chaos of my conditioned mind, my conditioned mind. Chorus: My inner revolution, is the spark of a solution. Why have fear of deviation? In this matrix of creation? I can stand. Oh, I can stand Here we stand, depending on each other. Here we stand, at war with our brothers. In the kinship of a stranger. In the failures of our fathers. In the changing of the boundaries. In the dangers of denial. In the hope of new tomorrows. In the darkness that gives way into the light ... gives way into the light Chorus: Our inner destitution, paves the way to evolution. No more waiting for a savior, to erase our bad behavior. We can stand... Oh, we can stand. Bridge: Hatred, goodness, hope, forgiveness, fear-fear-fear, is what I find, in my conditioned mind. Fall through shadows, sorrows, solitude, as darkness gives way into the light. Here I stand
Bells are ringing, birds are singing, the world around is calling us to open wide. My darling baby, look around you, look around you, open wide My darling baby, how I love to hold you, how I love to hold you, asleep in my arms. My darling baby, how I long to give you, how I long to give you all the strength of my heart, strength of my heart, hmm May your life come easy, no hard lessons learned, may love follow you and carry you home. My darling baby, look all around you, look all around you, life’s just begun Bells are ringing, calling us homeward, we follow the river , we follow the sun. My darling baby, how I long to hold you, how I long to hold you ... safely in my arms, safely in my arms, safely in my arms ....


released April 19, 2010

Dianna Burrup: vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, djembe, percussion, keyboards

Bryan Huling: backing vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass

Jeanne Stover: violin;

DJ Burrup: bass on Story, Stand

Jeff Porter: magic tambourine on Change and Story:

Kristin Ruyle: congas and jdunjdun;

Leslie Brown: shakers, tambourine & arrangement assistance on Chain of Inspiration.


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Dianna Burrup Tulsa, Oklahoma

I’m a Hand Drummer and Singer/Songwriter, born and raised in Tulsa, OK, an original founder and member of Acoustic Mojo (Duo) with Bryan Huling, later as a trio with Jeanne Stover. Bryan moved to Florida in 2014. In 2018, we began Acoustic Mojo II with Jeanne, DJ Burrup, Maria Shultz and I. I perform as a Solo artist and with an all female drumming tribe called, Sistas in Rhythm. ... more

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